Affiliate Tracking Software

Best Affiliate Tracking Software

With more than 18 years combining experience in digital marketing, we enable advertisers, marketers, networks, and ad agencies to run a successful affiliate program. Splice Digital Media gives you all the tools you need to become a performance-marketing expert. We make it simple to get started and take you to another level with our advanced options. Our system will help you truck were your leads are coming from, and were they can be optimized. We help clients to be able to track their publishers and advertisers relationships. Our fully customizable Affiliate Tracking System is designed to help you manage campaigns, creative, payouts, Affiliate directors report, Administration Report and more at a detailed, unmatchable and exceptional level—in real time. Whether you’re looking to start your own affiliate program, ramp up your network or increase your marketing and get into lead generation, we’ve always got your back!

Our Affiliate Tracking Software Features Includes:

Lead Distribution

Expand your monetization with a streamlined process of matching your leads with buyers paying the highest price.

Customizable Lead Validation

Customize validation criteria based on your specific needs and the needs of your lead buyers.

Affiliate/Advertiser Signup

Allow others to apply to run traffic to your website, then automate the entire on-boarding process. Get more traffic while you sleep!

Real-time Reporting

All your data and stats are kept current to the milli-second. Instant response time means you can make big decisions with short turn around.

Client Access

Give clients their own account access to monitor performance, get ads and links or view your latest news. Of course you get to choose how much they can see.

Easily Manage Relationships

Communicate with your affiliates through customizable newsletters and alerts. Manage client accounts with ease.

Lots of Integrations

Integrate with other software like Payoneer, PayPal, QuickBooks, Invoca, Salesforce, InfusionSoft, ESPs, ad servers and more!

Flexible Tracking

Our accurate, flexible tracking options keep things humming for you. Tracking by cookie, pixel, session, mobile or server to server and more.

Manage Pixels

Allow affiliates to place their own tracking pixels so they can get real-time notification of conversions too. Plus, choose from a variety of pixel formats.

Intelligent Lead Formulas

Create intelligent formulas that calculate and store new information about consumers based upon the lead details they submitted. Reduce the questions you have to ask consumers.

Custom User Accounts

Customize each employee’s experience within Splice with customized viewing and usage rights. Protect your most sensitive information from basic users.

Scalable as You Grow

Splice Digital Media fits your current needs and also future business needs as you grow. Our affiliate tracking system can scale with your business fast. We are always here to empower your business expansion.


Built on the latest technology to protect your sensitive data. Customize the security settings for your affiliates. We take your security very seriously.

Customizable Look

Our customizable solution means you can create a fully customized look and feel to match your company style and brand. White label us to maximize your brand.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Caps

Set limits on conversions and leads while getting real-time alerts when caps are met or getting close. Set caps to make sure you don’t exceed your marketing budget.


Share your entire product line with your affiliates for real-time product link tracking software, updates and product syndication. See what products are getting clicks and which are selling.

Amazing Support

Our technical experts are on standby every minute of every day, to help providing affiliate program tracking, proactive solutions, and resolve any questions in a timely manner.

Multiple Revenue Models

Track and payout commissions on anything! Pay commissions to affiliates based on, sales, leads, continuity, up-sells, and percentage, and more.

Lead Bidding (Ping Tree)

Send partial consumer data to potential lead buyers for a price quote prior to sending the entire lead. Then, sell your leads to the highest bidder. Also get the most money for your lead data!

User Friendly

Intuitive interface and drag and drop functionality eliminate the need for high tech experience and make working easy!